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So I decided to do a pregnancy pee test again this morning. It's possible that I actually concieved as late as Thursday of last week, so I figured it might just be too early for the test I took on Saturday. So I tried another one this morning. It still turns up nothing, but in reading the fine print it says that it is 99% accurate in women with normal hormone levels. I know my hormones have always been out of whack, so the answer may lie there or it may still be too early for the damn things.

It is not, however, too early for my own internal sensors.

Symptoms have not gone away. I've been noticing smells at about 30 times their usual volume, as far as I can guestimate. Broccoli and mushrooms both made me really queezy. My bras don't fit at this point. I had to eat crackers in order to get out of bed this morning without throwing up. I lost the fight and threw up in the shower trying to brush my hair when I got a little over warm.

I'm pregnant. I don't care at this point what the damn pee test says. If I start bleeding tomorrow it will be because I had a very early miscairrage. I no longer have any internal questions on the subject. I will do as the doctor's office asked and wait until next Thursday to come in for a blood test, but the evidence is too overwhelming at this point for me to even maintain doubt. This is not something that is subtle in my body. It is too entirely far from normal and in too entirely weird ways to be anything else.

*meep* The whole thing scares me.

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