Amalthea (amaltheae) wrote,

So, I called the doctor's office. I talked with one of the ladies at the front desk. I have an appointment scheduled Tuesday to confirm what I already know. I talked over my symptoms with her on the phone and the receptionist lady said "You're pregnant. Congratulations." When I didn't immediately respond she carefully said "or not?" I explained that it was both a cool and a scarry thing and thanked her.

Symptoms as the stand:

extremely sensitive nipples
Aereolas starting to show some pigment. (They were previously only obvious if you got my nipples erect. It's not a lot yet, but they are faintly purple and changing)
Sore breasts (Dear god, yes. I feel like my breast glands are being stabbed repeatedly and at random)
Breasts that don't fit my bras anymore
leg cramps
delay of menstration (no sign since last Thusday when it was supposed to start)
nausea in the morning (Oh yeah)
nausea at food and smell triggers (Let us just say that the perfume counters at dillards take on a whole new realm of distressing than their once dramatically unpleasant but navigable state. That and onions, broccoli and mushrooms have all triggered strong waves of nausea)
magnification of smells
feeling sleepy and exhausted
frequent headaches (the first time in my life I've experienced headaches that didn't lead to migrains)
appetite fluctuations
hormone related mood swings

Would you be able to maintain neutral disbelief in the face of all that? The receptionist and I can't.

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