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So I signed up for three word-of-the-day email services with the idea that I was going to make myself do some short story writing with one of the three words as a trigger, any day that I did it. So far that has failed to materialize, largely due to chaos related to trying to get everything to where it needs to be before we go to Thailand. The interesting thing about it, to me, though, is that of the 20ish words I've gotten mailed to me at this point, I know the definition of something like 2/3rds of them already and use them in every day conversation. Half of the remaining third, I've heard and can take a guess at a definition from context. I've known for a long time that many of my friends have had to ask what words I use mean, but I generally was able to attribute it to them having grown up on the wrong side of the track or some similar cause. It is occurring to me that if Merriam-Webster is only batting about a 33% success rate on stumping me or even making me think, perhaps it is really me that is the extreme outlier, rather than anything related to the person on the other end of the interaction. It's fascinating how being a geek in a particular genre just sort of sneaks up on a person until one day they realize by the glossy-eyed stare across the table, that they are neck deep in something that isn't even in the same language the person across the table speaks in any practical sense.

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