October 3rd, 2001

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Got the coolest collection of Irish/Celtic music for like $3 per in the grocery store this week. I'm loving listening to the stuff. For whatever reason almost any Irish music, even those mediocre for their genre are things that I love. They resonate well in my head.

There is some argument that there is Irish in my blood thanks to the tell tale sign of red hair, but none of my living relatives remember anyone with red hair. The closest they've been able to come as far as a guess on one side is a great great grandfather, or something like that, who was called "red" all his life. But no one is sure why. My grandmother on the other side had sort of strawberry blond hair, so she's a possibility on that side. But it's double recessive, so there is still some mystery about my mother's side of the family, and certainly there isn't much if anything in the way of Irish culture hold overs in the family. None of them have ever, as far as I know, listened to much in the way of Celtic music. Maybe just a quirk. But bagpipes are a wonderful sound when I hate most high pitched instruments passionately.

Maybe I'm just a freak.

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From an email going around....
> A colleague suggested that as an alternative approach we might tell
> the Taliban that they either give us bin Laden or we gather up all their
> women and send them to college.
> That should do it.
I love this idea. In fact I think it doesn't go far enough. I think we should offer a free plane ticket and two years of tuition to anyone willing to leave the fascist parts of the middle east. Any of them willing to go back home and fight for a better life afterward can have the full free ride.

The whole endeavor would probably cost less than military action and it would help so many more of them. And I promise that if all the women have left for a college education, you'll see some zealots get a whole lot less loud about their beliefs when they aren't getting any nookie except from other zealots usually of their same gender.

Because really, all of the men being told they will submit to the draft or be shot on sight are just as much victims as the women whose lives are destroyed through brutal death and other longer term means.

Either that, or we're left with taking over the playground and spanking everyone over there who can't play nice and leave others to do as they see right without hurting each other. And while America has classically been willing to step in as big daddy "badder than you" to swat down disputes, that's a lot longer and more expensive prospect of rebuilding than offering those people the tools to rebuild in a more meaningful way themselves.

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So, I'm really quite ready for my ulcer to be gone at this point. I was treated ($100 later! Ouch!) for h. pylori. I'm not throwing up any more and I can tell that things are getting better, but I must have had one hell of a festering hole in my tummy for as long as it's taking things to heal. Although it doesn't help that I can't think of more than 5 dishes that aren't acidic or greasy in some fashion, so it's taking longer to heal.

The most annoying part is how very sensitive to smells I've gotten. Going in the bathroom after most of the people in the house is enough to make me curl away in an attempt to avoid vommitting. It's amazing to realize just how much of a difference it makes to not be a carrier of the germ that most folks have.