October 4th, 2001

(no subject)

An open letter to Tom Tancredo about his proposal to close and/or tighten the borders to immigration in response to September 11th.

To: tom.tancredo@mail.house.gov
Subject: Imigration

You know, this is one of those times that I am truly embarrassed to have you as a representative. Zealotry will beget zealotry. Closing down our borders will guarantee that more of the world hates us. Intelligent people need to operate on the assumption that there is no way to prevent violence, only to lessen it's need. If there were a way to prevent violence, we would have no need for a prison system. All that pesky stuff would have been solved long ago.

There are hundreds of thousands of immigrants in this country who are grateful for their opportunities in this country. And in fact the reason the world has seen relatively little violence in a long time is the move toward a global interaction that allows other people of the world to catch up. Some of the people of the middle east feel that they have gotten the short end of the stick on that front and are hopelessly behind with no opportunity for catching up. Some of that set go mad from frustration and decide that they have to live a puritanical life focused on eliminating all reference to that which they cannot reach and have come to hate for all of their misery in their lives. Those people are only encouraged by moves to close our border. Their hatred and helplessness is only fed by such movements. You were naive to believe we were ever safe and that by closing things, we can be safe again. You can die in hundreds of ways every day and only a small set relate to violence.

If you really want to prevent such catastrophes from happening, offer free plane rides to anyone who wants out of that country and tuition assistance for a college degree. I promise you that will drain the swamp and make an reasonable populace faster than any "easy" measure you can concoct for name recognition and then walk away from before anyone realizes you were only throwing lighter fluid on the embers. You should be ashamed of using such an office of power to hurt people and increase your own name during a time of national tragedy and public fear.

One of your unimpressed electorate,

Amy Millard
10676 W. Tufts Pl.
Littleton, CO 80127