October 6th, 2001

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There was a little snow on the ground the other night, and frost on the grass this morning. It's been two years since I was around any such thing, really and I'm suprised by how much I missed it and how cool it seems. It would be better if we had the money to do some much needed car repairs before it gets all that cold, but even so, it's happy to be in "work to stay warm" mode and to feel like I can reasonably drink tea again as a soothing warmth thing.

Spent the day with my little sister. It seemed to do her some good. She is really struggling this semester and doesn't seem to have all that many friends at all interested in the things she's interested in. She's turning into quite the environmentalist. She also seems pretty frustrated that it would likely take a PhD to get her any recognition in her feild or the ability to go study critters in the rain forrest or some such. But we had a good, mostly mellow day. She really wants to move out at this point, and I can't really blame her. She's gotten to spend a semester away at this point and being back at home is driving her insane.

I'm not looking forward to Joel's schedule change coming up, but there is very little that I can do about it at this point. I find it really obnoxious that they hired him for day shift and then popped this on him. I really hope the one guy with seniority is going to go snick at some point here because he can't deal with having all the day shift work fall on him and have to take customer calls. Either that or that the company gets enough more business that they don't have to proceed with so few people.

I'm enjoying painting and wanting to get into doing more of it. This damn computer addiction doesn't help on that front. We shall see.

And that is about all that I can think of to ramble about at the moment, so I'll stop babbling.
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