September 29th, 2003

Portents or paranoia?

Well, so I woke up this morning and flinched away from the terrible light monster coming in the door to the deck, rolling away from it. I almost threw up moments later from apparently unsettling motion my body disagreed with.

So now we have more to add to the confusion. Because I am paying much more attention than I normally would, this is suddenly a fact to fixate on. I get a lot of drainage, the CPAP machine makes this worse by blowing it at high pressure out of my sinuses and on down the road. I'm nauseated a lot in the morning. But this morning, because my body is confusing the hell out of me, it matter a hell of a lot more than usual, while still not necessarily predicting anything at all.

So we are still needing to get vaccines for leaving the country. Our doctor suggested that the county facility was cheaper, but at this point, I'm thinking I should go into her office and make her do a pregnancy test first since I am now a completely irrational and baffled being on the subject. *sigh* I hate doctors.