March 1st, 2004

Names and pages.

Okay, we need votes.

We have been thinking about changing our last names for a while. Deb and I would be willing to take Joel's but he is uncomfortable with that because his mother was so rabid about maintaining her own separate identity that he doesn't want us to just take his, nor is it realistic to keep Deb's or mine or hyphenate or anything. Especially with the idea of children on the horizon and the fact that a name that starts with A would help with various online marketing stuff related to my art, it is just time.

So we have narrowed it down to essentially three choices.

Aiden-meaning fire in Irish and Gaelic, also the name of a 7th century saint, incidentally.

Alwyn (edit: or Aelwyn or Aylwyn)-Welsh name borrowed from Old English. It is a variation of Alvin which means friend of the elves or elf friend.

Aelfkildr or its variant Aelfkelda which is derrivative of Old English and Old Norse meaning elf spring.

Which would you choose and why? Or why wouldn't you choose one?

In other news, my site is up and basically functional. As such things go there are always things I would like to do to alter it, but it's working and pretty reasonable. If you have the time, go proof it and let me know if you find problems, things you don't like, etc. Thanks!