November 16th, 2004

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I was reminded by a reply to one of my posts, that this woman has, several times to my recolection, stood up and stuck her neck out to say that she considers herself Christian and is similarly horrified by some of my experience with people who have called themselves that. She appears to really be living by her own belief in living by example and respectfully, and I would just like to take a moment to publicly thank her, because this isn't the first time she has served to attempt to heal some wounds in one direction or another about what Christianity shouldn't have been used to describe. These are the strongest words I have ever heard her use on the subject, and in the middle of several flame fits, I have seen her stay calm and attempt to behave Christianly toward the people others had hurt. We need more people like you. Keep being what you profess to believe in. This world needs a lot more of that and you serve to remind me periodically to remove my own head from my ass about the blanket term "Christian", and I respect that.

[Editor's note: A friend observed that "considers herself Christian" could be construed as an insult potentially. For the record, what I meant was "She asserts that she is Christian and seems to behave about like I believe one should behave, but not technically being one myself, nor omniscient of her self consistency, I do no profess to have the authority to declare that she "IS" or "IS NOT" a Christian. Only that she believes she is one and I see no reason to argue with her. :) ]