May 3rd, 2005

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Irrational pet peeve #311.

Someone who professes to friendship falls in love with an idea you offer them about an activity to do together on the one short chance you get to see that person. That person then plans to partake of your hospitality but so alters the activity that you are excluded from it either through failure to think of you at all or failure to be considerate in the slightest about the guest list, or both.

I know it probably wasn't meant to be cruel. I know said person probably just failed entirely to comprehend very overt information that some third party's were not welcome in my life, and in wanting to see them zirself, failed to even think about the message it sends or exclusion and taking advantage it creates. But what I want to do is give in to the desire to retract my offer of courtesy if that is the treatment of friendship to parties involved. *sigh*

I am being stupid and pissy, probably, but there you have it.

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Irrational pet peeve #312

Extenuating circumstances related to other people's disrespectfulness make it impossible to express upset about mistreatment by a friend to said friend without it being hopelessly conflated with other issues which make the initial mistreatment almost impossible to express without assumptions of motivations falling places that you are really pretty sure aren't relevant to the specific mistreatment involved. Knowing full well that telling someone their friendship abuse is unkind will be instead taken as pettyness about the specific details of the manifestation of that mistreatment.

Irrational pet peeve #313

Caring enough about one or more parties responsible for "other people's disrespectfulness" that I would rather be pissed for several days and keep it to myself and be used than express outloud what will be misinterpreted as other than what it is really about.

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Pet peeve #314:

Being so freaking ADD that you cannot manage to coordinate with real friends to actually see them while being emotionally self destructive about those for whom time is made but who clearly didn't deserve it.

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If that wasn't clear, for any of you that I have in some way dropped on the floor, just assume I am a jack ass who means well and don't feel bad about pestering the fuck out of me to get me to actually retract my head from my ass and communicate with you in some useful way. You will not annoy me with persistence or creativity. And while it shouldn't be your responsibility to create functionality where I am inept, it is at least more effective if you would still actually like to hear from me and or see me and I have been failing utterly to not be a complete dip shit myself. Thank you. That is all.