Amalthea (amaltheae) wrote,

Please. I don't care what political party you are or how much you agree with their domestic policies or morals. Please vote our terrifying leadership out of office when you get the chance. What was done to this man by our government was more cruel than anything I have seen since footage of concentration camps in Germany.

If we have a choice between sending a man to a known torture facility and a country we get along with and exchange information with successfully, and we choose to send him deliberately to torture, we are no better as a nation than his torturers and certainly no better than they people who attacked our country because of their fear and state of oppressive misunderstanding and legitimate right to jealousyand hatred over our standard of living. They hoped we would understand their desperation and stop buying twinkies and rolls royces and get the rest of the world even half of what we take for granted every day.

Instead, we both did not listen and became the overt monster in their individual nightmares instead of the passive uncaring nightmare of their culture. Ask yourself how we can call ourselves different or superior if this is how we treat people we have not the evidence to convict nor the authority to hold. There are many muslims who would tell us that we are going to hell. And I am beginning to think they are right if for the wrong reasons. That we turn aside and do nothing in the face of this pain, that we allow our government in the only nation in the world with a real chance of controlling our leaders to get away with this sort of cruelty unpunished, no matter what they may or may not have done to piss us off is reason enough.

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