Amalthea (amaltheae) wrote,


Well, Christmas was pretty good if containing the usual dossage of extended family who don't seem to get me at all. My mother, for example, bought me lots of clothing that doesn't even fit which came from places where it isn't even really returnable.

Since then I've been trying to catch up on some housework and personal business stuff, trying to stay out of despair about whether the art business thing is going to happen at all, and if so, when.

I have been sliding in and out of frustration of a sort it's hard to discuss but that mostly amounts to needing to do something meaningful to me with my life and feeling less and less like it's possible and blind-sided by some life choices that contribute to that.

We're flirting with someone new at this point, which is cool.


Still no progress on a web site for my art, really, but I did at least put a couple of limited edition prints up on eBay. We shall see what becomes of that if anything at all. For those of you who are curious, Out Foxed and A Quick Snack

Um, I should probably go call my doctor now. Have I mentioned how much I hate the phone?

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