Amalthea (amaltheae) wrote,


A surge
A closeness beyond our time draws me out again
An ebb
A swell
Each recessions brings closer the tide
Desire longs to devour the shoreline
But must slide backward in retreat
Building strength to try again.
Debris long past
surfaces and then recedes
The tangled heavy vine of water
of life
of disconnectedness
and finally death
The waves desire the shore, each moving resolutely
Building force
Sliding backward
Drawing you in
To swell again in interest
To swell in my silent desire to know
To explore each inch of coastline gently
Or forcefully to crash
Wash away the rock and sand of fear
To place your hand against my heartbeat
Feeling the rhythm of my waters pulse against your hand
To feel you through the tide of my emotion
Breaking through my surfaces
Rolling with me again and again
Falling through you, around you, beneath you
The crashing of emotion engulfing me again
Dangerous waters these
Depth and undertow to be my end?
Or merely strength to crash together once again?
What treasure will this mingling find?
What darkness will this tide bring in?

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