Amalthea (amaltheae) wrote,

Thanks to those of you who have mentioned my artwork in your own journals, too!

I am trying to get a career started doing this rather than going insane with bosses who are paranoid and insane, etc. I am working on bringing down the shipping rates some. Anyone know of a great source of really cheap photo mailers? The $1+ per thing is just absurd.

Anyway, back to the regularly scheduled content here soon.

I am mostly being excited that I might actually get somewhere with selling some of my work. I've wanted to do it for years, but well, ADD and disorganization and money and all sorts of things stood in the way at points. Let's hear it for finally making SOME SORT of progress!

Thanks again, guys, for helping me get the word out. I can definately use some patrons!

If you love my work and have helped get the word out and would like to arrange a special signing of the back of the print or matt backing or some such as thanks, let me know.

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