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Dear Colorado Department of Revenue;

I have been in there OVER AND OVER AND OVER again because your requirements make absolutely no sense, and your people are incompetent, and I am absolutely fed up. I just want to paint and sell some nice people the damn paintings, and dealing with you people has made me seriously wonder whether it is even remotely worth trying to wade through the ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS horse shit to do it legally. The last round, I filled out two DBAs and then returned a week later for a multiple event license, because what the hell we're supposed to be doing is clear as mud, and the first damn license wasn't good enough, because the moon is out of alignment so we must duplicate all effort as much as possible, or some stupid thing. The woman at the counter combined the two DBAs into one. Because you are still functioning in the dark ages, no one printed me out the damn sales tax license so that I could confirm that it was right. What they did hand me had it correct. Somewhere between that piece of paper and the drone who typed up the sales tax license, someone changed the DBA information so that it is now incorrect. When I called no one could be helpful and just correct the fucking thing over the phone. No, instead "I am welcome to come down or fill out the change form." I am not coming down there again. I don't care if the IRS bangs down my door with guns held high, it's not worth waiting forever for someone else to just screw it up again and waste another half day of my life on you people. I cannot fill out the change form as the absurdly chipper man offered me because either the change form doesn't have a space for correcting your staff typing incompetence when it comes to the DBA or like everything else about this process, the correct procedure and/or form are completely unintelligible from the morass of impenetrable rules and forms and hoops and red tape and hassle you've created to make this virtually impossible. If anyone around there cares to correct your issues;

The regular sales tax license number xx-xxxxx-xxx has the two business names listed as “AELWYN STUDIOS/ ACRY LICS BY AMY”. Assuming that you mean to have both on the same line and that the slash is not assumed to be part of the first name since there is no space before it, there should not be a space in the word “ACRYLICS”. In the completely ridiculous duplicate effort of a multiple event license, number xx-xxxxx-xxxx, you edited out the middle initial E in my name, if you care. The business names are listed as “ACRYLICS BY AMY AELMYN STUDIOS”. These are two separate business names, but on the same line with no punctuation of any kind it is impossible to tell if you people understand this. The first is “ACRYLICS BY AMY”. The second is “AELWYN STUDIOS”. Somehow between the first sales tax license and the second, someone traded a w for an m in there in the second DBA name, rendering it incorrect.

I realize your site says that you do not accept changes in this fashion. I do not accept your limitation of means to a solution, as your forms and phone assistance are useless to me, and I do not have more time to waste on standing in a 3 hour line down there.

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