Amalthea (amaltheae) wrote,

You know, I keep reading people saying "well, don't panic, we can try harder and reach out and..." And you know what? I am going to come out here and say that I think you are all full of shit. You don't want the consequences of what it would take to provide liberty and justice for all. You don't frankly have the balls to pull the trigger, lay down in the street, chain yourself to the railings and lose your cushy lives, your jobs, your scholarships for the people dying around you. The casualty count hasn't gotten large enough or personal enough to make any difference to your unwillingness to participate in civil disobedience. And those cushy lives will eventually errode to the point that it won't matter, but by then there may not be enough people left to fight the fight for it to matter considering the overwhelming technological force more and more available to the majority every day.

In the end it is about survival of the fittest. And you know what? They're the fittist because they are willing to conquer, destroy, subjugate, obliterate, legislate, whatever it takes to win for their morals. Once upon a time people like us were willing to look down the barrel of a gun at our brother and know that the lives and civil liberties of millions were worth the personal sacrifices no matter how painful. In the end, we, myself most likely included, are too weak to do what all of us know we would have to do to be represented in this country as it stands today. But we aren't willing to lose our jobs, our health coverage, our conveniences. There is a reason that it is only the young willing to put themselves in front of the bull dozers in this country and it is because we are all so selfish that our comfort matters more than people dying, more than a million children in bloody parts that their mothers scream in helpless rage for because of our bombs, more than any number of millions of muslim lives that had literally nothing to do with us ever before, more than the mutilitated faces of our servicemen who survived to be sort of put back together from the scraps scattered far and wide, more than our own rights if we can just quietly hide from most of the wrath of the storm. Only those starting out have so little to lose that they are willing to stand up for what they really believe even in the face of that much blood and death and pain because well, we aren't having to wade through the parts looking for the legs of our children, we are able to change chanels and avoid the faces that will never be the same, we can pretend we don't understand them so it doesn't matter if we're killing them because the blood isn't running down our block yet. In the end, what we really believe is in selfish greed. That is our national mandate. Inaction and greed and talk and talk and talk.

Well, we're all going to get what we paid for. And bend over, baby, because here it comes. Justify your keep-plugging-the-same-way-we-have-been-surely-someday-we'll-belong-if-we're-just-nice-enough ra ra ra. But until you are willing to be beaten to death over a bus seat to show them the depth of their idiotic cruelty, until you put yourself between the mob and the homosexual they are trying to beat to death, until you are willing to take a bullet for what you believe in front of a million people for having a dream, until you are willing to storm your capitol, meet on your street corners and actually do something other than talk and be nice and plead to be equal, baby, we're fucked. And it is going to get worse and worse and worse until one day it _finally_ gets bad enough that they've taken your convenience, your home, your spouse, your children, your loved ones and all that you love and maybe finally some of us will grow the balls to do what it takes.

Until then, I am sorry, but the Republicans are right. We are weak (because we are greedy) and dangerous (because we speak without action and in so doing condone the destruction of those around us), and we _have_ sent that raving ass his mandate, and we will pay the price for that. Now or later, it's eventually a debt that will come due probably for our children because we are too selfish to fight it now for ourselves which makes it easier to justify writing from our living rooms instead of rallying on our street corners in numbers that prevent our congressmen from getting to work without hearing what we have to say. We, you and I are the failure of the system, the proof that comfort means more and we don't have the stomach to really fight for what we believe. We say the buck stops here as we lay down to take it one more time. Remember when you are watching your children pay for this that we had our chance to stop saying "hope for the best" and start fighting for "stop the worst whatever the cost" and we turned up our noses and proved the Republican party right that they are the strong and the justified and deserving of power and should use it however they choose. Remember that someone, once, a failure herself, told you what was coming and that disbelieving that or ignoring it makes you no different than the people you say "But can't the see!" about on the other side of this whole mess. Seeing is not what matters. They have seen and they do not care and neither do we when it comes right down to it. We would rather cling to the ideology of a rape victim that somehow they must really love us and if we just try hard enough to live by their rules and play by their system, it will all have been a great big mistake they never meant and it will all work out okay in the end. But you and I, both of us, whatever you may claim, know somewhere deep inside just how big a lie we are telling ourselves and that we are choosing the pain we know to the pain through which we stand a chance to actually grow.

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