Amalthea (amaltheae) wrote,

Conversation started on a mush about noticing people finding you attractive and I had to share my thoughts about my beautiful girl.

Deb doesn't see it either. I have had an entire bay of mechanics come in to to blush and talk to me about the day that Deb showed them her tatoo, and I have watched the one who brought up the subject initially sport wood, and she still believes that no one really thinks of her that way or notices her as pretty.

I went in there and the first one talked to me. When I went back to get the car or for something after that, I don't remember, but, all the guys were sort of lingering and tittering and saying "so you live with that "Deb"". I could watch them think "Damn, what I wouldn't do for a night with her" and "Please God, tell me she's not a lesbian sex...."

It couldn't have been more obvious if they'd had a scrolling LED sign installed in their forhead to share their thoughts.

Deb has people flag her down in traffic holding up their phone number scrawled on paper as they drive in the hopes that she will call them. She has called and the guy ended up using his hand to get her off at a gas station somewhere down the road, without even getting much of anything in return for himself other than a damn hot memory and a chance to touch someone beautiful. And he still calls her...

But she doesn't believe she's beautiful. At best she thinks my vision is bad but she's grateful for it.

Amalthea watches them completely lose all reference to their world while staring at her, regularly. Their girlfriends are sitting across from them pissed off that they haven't heard a word if what they've said.

When I tell her these things, she attributes them to staring in horror at the freak. But if it is horror, it is horror that they will never merit a date with such a woman as that.

I have watch countless people over the years stare at her like children stare at this year's biggest hottest toy purchase their parents will never buy them. There is only one word for it. Lust.

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