Amalthea (amaltheae) wrote,

News flash, people. Apparently, the hottest new style in fashion is the look-like-shit-while-in-makeup look.

Is this a complete failure to hide black eyes with makeup, or creation of them that is supposed to impress me?

Is there some new Broadway production about a starving unbathed woman who has been beaten and hospitalized that I am not aware of?

Was it Boulder mall rat day at the makeup counter? The were offered a discount if they were so far beyond help that even makeup couldn't do it?

All the bruiseless people who owned combs were on higher paid shoots that day?

Or was this a riveting rendition of a post-rape makeup and hair scenario, since post apocalypse is so overdone?

I would think that advertising that didn't make you think "Hey, I'm already vastly better looking than her, guess I don't need any" would be more ideal to selling makeup or a community about same.

Certainly, if that were the best I could do with makeup, I sure as hell wouldn't put pictures of it up on the web for other people to see.

I think I missed a fashion memo somewhere along the line.

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