Amalthea (amaltheae) wrote,

A wonderful lady and friend was obliging me with a story when I was whining about not being able to go to bed. I just had to share it here and to thank her for being so cool *hugs*

From afar, Waya snuggles you up, "Once upon a time, not so long ago, in a land not so very far away..."
Long distance to Waya: Amalthea settles in happily.
Waya pages: There lived three creatures togther in a house in the hills. The first was a cat. A black jaguar, proud and strong and powerful and his strength was in cunning and in perserverence.
Waya pages: The second was a tiny elfin fairy, who was not at all what she seemed. So fragile on the outside, she really held reserves of strength and a powerful magic all her own, all wrapped up in rainbow wings and a silver giggle.
Long distance to Waya: Amalthea oohoohs.. And he likes to bite thing! And she was a flitty sexy fairy!
Waya pages: Yes. Exactly right, sweetheart. And the THIRD creature, she was one of the most beautiful of all. She was a unicorn. With a seafoam coat and a shining horn made all out of pearl. And her strength was in her softness.
Long distance to Waya: Amalthea blushes and nods you on.
Waya pages: Now, these three, they lived all together, even though the people in the village nearby said 'That can't work! Those creatures can't live together! It's not right!' And sometimes it was very hard to hear those people say those mean things, because the three really loved one another.
Waya pages: And sometimes, when the people had been really mean, the jaguar would growl and snap and snarl. Pacing all around the little house and making things shake with how angry he was.
Waya pages: And sometimes when the people said those things, it made the fairy very sad and she would wrap herself all up in her wings and hide away from the unicorn and the jaguar.
Waya pages: And SOMEtimes, when the people said those things, the little unicorn would get very scared and even the light from her horn would start to dim.
Waya pages: And sometimes, just sometimes, all those things would happen at once and the little house became a very unfriendly place.
Long distance to Waya: Amalthea nodnods yes, very scared.
From afar, Waya snuggles up and pets your hair, "But these creatures, these three very special creatures, they had a friend. A little chubby bear who would sometimes trudge through the woods, huffling and snuffling, to come visit them in their little house."
Waya pages: One day, the little bear huffled and snuffled her way up to visit them, but when she got to the end of the path that lead from the forest road up to the little house, she could hear the jaguar growling and roaring and thumping around. That so startled the little bear that she sat right down on the path and scratched her head, wondering what all the fuss could be!
Long distance to Waya: Amalthea grins.
Waya pages: After a moment, the little bear got up and snuffled her way on up to the door and knocked on it. Thump. Thump. Thump. And she waited. And waited. And WAITED. And finally, when she thought she was going to have to try and thump the door down... the little flitty fairy opened the door. But she wasn't flitty any more. Her wings were all droopy and her mouth was all frowny, but she let the little bear come ine.
Long distance to Waya: Amalthea makes a sad face, worried about the fairy.
Waya pages: And what a sight! The little house was all ascramble. The jaguar had thumped and grumped and growled and snarled things down all around. And the little unicorn had been so scared that she couldn't help make ti better and the poor little fairy had been so sad that she didn't thinks he could help.
From afar, Waya snuggles you close, "Shhh, sweetie, it'll be okay."
Long distance to Waya: Amalthea nodnods.
Waya pages: The little bear scratched her head, all confused and she waddled through the house, finding each of the creatures. She found the jaguar where he was growling and grumping around a room. And she found the ferry where she'd slipped off the hide under the bed. And she found the little unicorn who was standing in the middle of it all and not knowing what to do.
Waya pages: And when she'd gathered them all up together, she looked from one to the other and tipped her head on the side. "What's wrong with you all?" She asked. And all at once, all of the creatures tried to tell her. The people of the village were mean and it was hard to live here all together, but all alone and to be so different. It was scary and sometimes it was easy to think that the villagers were right.
Waya pages: But the little bear just smiled, "But they're not right! Don't you see?" She pointed at the jaguar, "Before you had the fairy and the unicorn, you were ALWAYS growly and grouchy, but now that you have them, you're happy and peaceful usually!"
Long distance to Waya: Amalthea smiles.
Waya pages: And she looked at the fairy and said, "And you, even though you glitter like a jewel, you couldn't every think that you were beautiful until they helped you see it!" And to the little unicorn she said, "And you, you were scared all the time before you had them, but now, sometimes you can see that you don't have to be!"
Waya pages: And the creatures looked at one another, the jaguar and the fairy and the unicorn, they looked at one another. And each set of eyes saw not only its fellow creatures, they saw the part of themselves that made the little family in the little house so special.
Waya pages: The little bear watched them watching one another and she smiled. As she watched, the jaguar lay down with his chin on his paws and the fairy unfolded her wings to flit around his head, giggling. And the little unicorn, she lay down beside him, her horn brightly shining.
Waya pages: And when the little bear left, the three were happy together, even though the jaguar was chewing on the unicorn's nose and the fairy was playing ring-around-the-horn.
Long distance to Waya: Amalthea gets all dewey eyed.
From afar, Waya chuckles and snuggles, "I don't tell very good stories."
Long distance to Waya: Amalthea grins. That was wonderful. *purr*

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