Amalthea (amaltheae) wrote,

So, I have an actual serious question that I haven't done enough research to know the answer to. Is there anyone who is actively using "high functioning" (ie, in my current useage of the phrase in this context, identifiable as possibly able to in some way translate between our two worlds through whatever forms of communication) autistics to help reach children with autism that are being very hard to reach?

It seems like parents of autistics are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on trying to reach these kids and several times now I have seen comments that the people who ended up breaking through were other autistics who could bridge the gaps better than anyone who was too normal to even understand where most of the gaps in information were. And it would be phenominally positive situation for many of the autistics who could find phenominally rewarding gainful employment that inherrently flexed with their limitations and strengths. Thoughts anyone?

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