Amalthea (amaltheae) wrote,

Stop fretting and do.

After much deliberation last night, I decided to give my co-worker a copy of the journal entry about my life. She said this morning that she really appreciated it, had guessed most of the stuff about my life, etc. She's still trying to work it out with the boyfriend. Apparently he called in hooky yesterday so that he could go and "celebrate" the baby on the way with his buddy he's obsessed with. They got into a fight and he lost badly for a change and came home with two black eyes and hallucinations. They didn't take him to the hospital because they didn't want the cops involved if possible. She thinks that's turned him around. I doubt it, but she hasn't figured all that out yet. At least I got the chance to tell her that I'm here if she needs it at some point. We shall see.

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