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I hate colds. I feel like I've lost much of the last week to a drug induced stupor related to having this cold. I went home early Thursday and then didn't go to work on Friday.

My boss is always in and out traveling. He pretends he's okay with not being a day to day part of the business, but really he stays awake at night having panic attacks. So he walks in on Friday and no one is in the office. Charli had also gone home sick and Christy had gone to get lunch. She'd left him a message on his cell phone but he hadn't bothered to check it. So he calls me at every number he has for me on a day when I've called in sick and he knows this, leaving me a message on my cell phone. He does this despite the fact that I am home sick and probably cannot answer his question anyway. He does this despite being aware that he could handle the office himself till he figures it out, if he needs to. He does so despite knowing that it is illegal not to give employees a lunch break and knowing that Christy is the only one there today. He doesn't check his voicemail or in any other way attempt to solve his panic attack before calling me. I do not answer or check voicemail for several hours because it takes that long to notice the vm when I return to the cell phone charging in the car.

He leaves me a message stating that he just walked into the office, no one is there, what is going on, he's very concerned, call him immediately.....

This despite the fact that this man regularly decides we should all go out to lunch together or to coffee or whatever, guarenteeing that no one will be in the office for sometimes two hours. But see, that is at his whim. You are never trustworthy if he doesn't know your every move and if you make such a rash decission as to go off and get lunch and be back in 20 minutes.

So Christy gets back and he throws a tantrum that there are SEVEN messages (We get this many in a 5 minute bathroom break many days) and someone HAS to be in the office. Christy finally interrupted his tantrum and told him to 1)stop talking to her like that and 2)go home, she's got things under control. His pride is wounded so he has to piddle fuck around for a bit and make Christy do things that I should do on Monday because they're not a rush and she's alone with enough to do and he needs to feel important. And then he goes home.

This sort of thing happens every time a decission surprises him. This is a really ridiculous pattern when he generally hasn't the first damn clue what even is going on in the day to day running of the bussiness at this point and just means that he has a panic attack nearly every time we see him and in almost 100% of the cases he agrees with our choice once he calms the fuck down and listens, but in the mean time, he's irritating as all hell. *FUME*

Closing is supposed to happen Wednesday, it looks like. Still haven't heard about Joel's job starting which is the other conditional to me resigning. Man am I looking forward to it. I even like the man. Don't get me wrong. He makes an amusing friend who is similarly liberal minded and tells great stories. I'd love going to dinner with him once in a blue moon and calling him up with legal questions. But his mother was diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic and believed that people broke in to her apartment to do things like switch out all the washer and dryer parts with cheaper parts and things like that. He seems to be genetically predisposed to paranoia or learned it well from his mother or something, and it makes him a terrible business person and boss.

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