Amalthea (amaltheae) wrote,

Eased Panic

So I gave notice last night. And I got in this morning and my boss and I talked for a long time. Basically he wasn't all that suprised. He did know that my heart wasn't in it any more. He didn't know the various drivers for quitting, but appreciated that I would share them with him. He's basically asked me to at least do a couple of days per week when they are short coverage for an indefinite period here. He's looking into other people, including someone who works in the suite who has expressed interest. In the mean time, I no longer feel like I have to hold things together or fight for what is right or argue with the people he owes money to, etc. I don't mind doing some more help, especially as long as he keeps himself from being a bastard. And he's really thrilled that I'm willing to still help with technology stuff and do a weekend here or there, etc. It was a good conversation.

Walking into it I was having panic attacks not knowing what to expect because he sometimes does blow up and shoot himself in the foot. I was having trouble breathing walking down the hall.

But it turns out that it was alright. I'd like better to just be done today in terms of the week day stuff, but ultimately, this means I'll get a better reference out of it and he really feels like I'm doing him a huge favor because of his schedule right now and allowing him time to wrap up a few things before having to be part of the business here every day again.

In either cause, the load on my shoulders feels a lot lighter now. And hey, I can just stop now if he blows up at me again about something, no qualms on my part.

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