Amalthea (amaltheae) wrote,

Argyle Socks

Okay, so that was just an excuse to use the word argyle.

Anyway. Everything fell in place all of a sudden last week. Joel got an official yes, I gave notice, Deb aknowledged that she needs her gall bladder out, the loan closed, etc.

A lot of it is a considerable relief.

We spent all day Monday at the hospital because Deb was having bad gall bladder troubles. We didn't confirm that that was what it was till we left the hospital and went to one of our regular doctors, though. The hospital was totally unhelpful on the subject. They did blood work, a urine sample and an ultrasound again of her gall bladder and then threw up their hands and sent her home with narcotics and a GI cocktail and a perscription for pepcid, failing entirely to in any way actually address the problem. The doctor was one of those ass holes that radiates "I am god and I've decided your opinion is irrelevant and you're probably just a hypocondriac anyway." Sweedish is usually better than that, but every once in a while they manage a real ass of a doctor.

I called in to work to check in at 2ish and Christy said that she needed to leave early to go to her son's doctor's appointment. I loved that I got to tell her to call Tim because it's his problem now, and I was still at the hospital with Deb. Apparently he wasn't real happy about the whole thing and threw a snit but had no-one to blame but himself, since I had abdicated authority of any sort and he hadn't bothered to figure out if scheduling was under control. The things I get to say "You know, that's not my problem anymore" about are really making my day around here.

Charli called me this morning and asked me to go to the store for the business since Tim didn't and she needed supplies to function. I almost said no, but figured I'd do it one more time and just make it clear to Tim that it was the last. Wrote him this note on the subject:

This is a receipt for office supplies. We could not function without this stuff, or wait for you to both be in town and have time to take care of it. This is the last store run I'm comfortable doing for reimbursement later. I need a refund check ASAP.

You need to figure out how you want buying to be handled, and make sure Charli and Christy are aware of it. Frankly, I think you NEED to come up with some way for someone in the office to buy off of a business account. Neither Charli nor Christy are going to have the funds to float supplies until you're available again when printer cartridges are $50 a pop by themselves. They will be too nice about it or too frustrated with not being able to function for a while and try to do it, but they will eventually quit because it isn't and shouldn't be their job to pay for things for you.

It's one of the things that led to my distrust of things. Bouncing a reimbursement check, never even offering to pay the bounced check fee, and not getting a solution that still allowed for the business to function on a day to day basis, once I tried to draw the line about doing this certainly contributed to my distrust and frustration. Having no established answer is likely to contribute to other people burning out and leaving too.

I personally suggest a small account with a debit card off of it, or a stash of signed checks with careful instructions about what things are acceptable and what requires approval by you, or perhaps keeping a cash stash in a lock box in the office with at least $100 for urgent needs, or something. It won't ultimately matter to me for the future what you decide. But the next time Charli or Chirsty calls me to ask if I will go to the store, because you're not around and never have time, the answer is going to be "No. I can't keep doing it for Tim, you'll have to wait till he gets back. I'm sorry." I'm sorry if it causes problems, but I tried to push the issue in the past and got no useful alternatives, so I just have to start saying no rather than letting my boundaries be exceeded.

The fact that I even have to say this sort of thing to him is one of the primary reasons I want out of here. That he assumes people he is paying $12/hr can deal with supply runs on their own funds for weeks at a shot while he's out of town is just insane. The real answer is that he can't afford anything like all of the business' bills and giving someone access to the account would bounce checks on it and he doesn't want to fork over the immediate cash to keep on hand, so instead we are Peter and he's paying Paul.

He complains that he isn't getting his money back out of this business, but at every turn he pisses off the cheap provider, buys the biggest most absurd answer to every problem, says yes when he should say no and generally throws money out a window. It's really damn impressive.

Anyway, enough for right this minute. I'm being disgusted with our government and "leader" at the moment and wishing we could move to Canada. Otherwise things are getting better and moving again, which pleases me.

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